Topless Hostess In Budapest

Topless Hostess in Budapest

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Topless Hostess in Budapest

What's Included
  • 1 hr. Topless Hostess
Night Life
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Topless Waitress

Did Someone Order A Set Of Tits?

Book your stag his very own topless hostess in Budapest. Whether it's in a bar, you lads plan on visiting or at your hotel. We have you covered.

Add some flavour to your mate's bachelor party by gifting him his very own shirtless waiter. Feast your eyes on a fine set of Hungarian boobies while guzzling an ice cold pint at a bar, or if you're planning on heading out to a fancy restaurant for the evening that can be arranged too. You let us know what your plans are for the evening, and we'll send your sexy servant over for the evening.

Try to keep your tounges in your mouths.

What To Expect

You organize where you want us to send our hot server in the evening. There are plenty of ways you can have the experience. Maybe you have a private area booked in a nightclub and need a waiter or would like someone to serve your table some drinks at a bar in the capital. Whatever you want, we can do it. Please let us know in advance beforehand.

On the night, our topless waiter will only wear a transparent mesh top during the service, so you can get a good look at her. She'll pay particular attention to the groom to be as it is his last night of freedom after all. All she wants to do is cater to his demands.

The reservation lasts for one hour in total. Your servant will be with you at all times. She'll be well up for getting involved in the stag party shenanigans, so don't be afraid to get her involved.

When the hour comes to a close, sadly, it's time for her to leave. We know it was fun while it lasted, but you boys still have a full night of carnage ahead of you, so don't get distracted. If you happen to be in Budapest on a Saturday between February and December, you need to get tickets for the Sparty bath party. It's a world famous rave that takes place in Budapest's largest thermal bath. Dance to incredible electronic music in your swim shorts, drink copious amounts of Hungarian beer and make sure the groom has the night of his life. Make sure you get a good sleep the night before because it runs all the way until 2 am.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The book is only for one hour long. If you'd like to hire our hot servant for longer, you'll have to add the activity again for an extra hour.
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