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Trans Surprise Strip Show in Budapest

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Trans Surprise Strip Show in Budapest

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  • Female stripper
  • Trans stripper
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Prank Alert!

Would you like to give your stag the shock of his life on his big weekend in Budapest? Our trans surprise strip show will surely confuse the heck out of him.

This kind of stripping show starts off with a hot local performer who has a trick up her sleeve. She'll start off the performance like any other stripper would. To get him going, a blindfold will be brought into the situation, but unknown to him, waiting in the background is a transgender dance ready to take over. The discomfort he's going to feel will be on another level.

The trans strip tease will be a surprise the groom to be wishes he never received.

What To Expect

The best man and Pissup will agree on a location for the strip show to happen. Normally, it ends up being a bar that you plan on heading to for a drink, a restaurant, or your own hotel. Pick somewhere that doesn't look too suspicious, as you won't want your cover to be blown.

Your group will head over to the location before the agreed time of arrival for the performance. Get settled in and order a couple of beers. At least that will loosen him up for what he's about to experience. 

After a short while, the first performer will enter the premises and kick things off. She'll launch the stag on to a seat and begin to tease him in more provocative ways than one. When he sees the blindfold come out, the excitement in his eyes will be real. Little does he realize that everything is about to change in a matter of minutes. 

As he sits and waits patiently with his eyes covered, the woman with whom he thought he was getting a dance off will slowly sneak off, and a new performer will arrive on the scene. A trans dancer will approach him and take off his blindfold. That smile will be gone from his face in a matter of seconds.

The show will last 15 minutes in total. In that time, your stag will sit there helplessly as the trans performer removes their clothes and carries out the acts he thought the babe he had before would do. His reaction to what happens is going to be priceless.

After the erotic display is over, you could be in the bad books, but after witnessing what you guys just did, you probably won't care. To make up for the embarrassment that you just caused him, take him for an AK-47 shooting experience. Shoot with a variety of weapons, including a Glock, a Remington Pump Action Shotgun, and, of course, an AK-47. That way, he'll surely forgive the pain you just caused him.

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+unlimited beer and wine (spritz)
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