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Bachelor Challenge City Rally in Cologne

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Bachelor Challenge City Rally in Cologne

What's Included
  • 180 min. Playing Time
  • 3 x Application download
  • Support Hotline
  • Challenges
Treasure Hunts

Do You Think You'll Find The Treasure!

Embark on an organized scavenger hunt around the beautiful city of Cologne. Book our bachelor challenge city rally for your mate's stag do today!

Shock your pal with a professionally put together treasure hunt in the alluring city of Cologne. With this activity, there's a little planning that goes into it before the day of booking. We'll mail you out with some important items that are essential for the challenges, as well as the fact that we'll need you to answer a couple of questions about the stag, so we can revolve the whole experience around him. Dash around the city, cracking codes and completing a variety of tasks before time runs out. For some added excitement, the group will be divided into three teams, and one of them will be the bachelor on his own. The aim of the game is for everyone to compete against the soon to be groom and defeat him. Are you up for the challenge?

What To Expect

Upon booking, you're going to need to receive a care package with a number of small items that are essential for the city rally. Also, there will be a form with a couple of questions about the groom himself, like the name of the bride and some other background information about him. This information will be used to tailor the experience for him. Please remember to bring the items that were delivered to you because you will need them on the day.

Before the activity, we'll send you an application that you need to download for the activity. It will guide you around the city and show you where the challenges are that you need to solve.

When the day arrives, you can start the activity whenever you wish. There will be no private guide allocated to your group, all you have is the app. Do not login until you're about to start the rally. After the first log in, the challenges are only available for 72 hours, so you don't want them to run out before you start. If you do encounter any issues, there is a support hot line on the app that you can contact for any assistance.

During the rally, you'll be required to choose a number of different challenges to solve. There are more than 50 available, so you lads will be spoiled for choice.

Another funny aspect of the bachelor challenge is that the man himself will be singled out and put on a team on his own while the rest of you are split up into two other teams. If he beats you on your own, that's embarrassing.

The city hunt usually takes most groups between three and four hours, but it all depends on how fast you're going.

Are you looking for some more problem solving fun while in Cologne? Then you'll surely love our escape room activity. Train those brain muscles of yours while attempting to break out of a challenging room filled with difficult takes. Get yourselves out of there before time runs out.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • This activity needs to be booked at least one week in advance if the customer lives in Germany and two weeks in advance if they live in either Austria or Switzerland.
  • The rally is only available in German, so unless you've been brushing up on your skills, unfortunately, you won't be able to take part if you can't speak it.
  • The app you must download includes GPS Independent Mode, which is useful if the weather is bad that day.Multiple challenges can take place somewhere like a cafe, so you don't have to stress about the fact that it might start raining at some point.
  • There are no minimum or maximum group sizes for this activity to take place. 

Bachelor Challenge City Rally in Cologne

Rated "Excellent" with 4.5/5 Based on 2+ reviews.

Embark on an organised scavenger hunt around the beautiful city of Cologne. Book our bachelor challenge city rally for your mate's stag do today!

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16. July 2023

Google Translated We had a few navigation problems, but that didn't detract from the fun and the funny battles!

05. June 2022
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