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Bubble Football + Arrow Tag in Cologne

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Bubble Football + Arrow Tag in Cologne

What's Included
  • 45 min. Bubble Football 4-a-side
  • 45 min. Arrow Tag
  • Qualified Instructor
Arrow Tag

Strap In And Shoot With Precision!

Combine bubble football and arrow tag for your stag do in Cologne. Roll, bounce, and fire some arrows with your boys over 90 minutes!

Add some diversity to your bachelor party in one of Germany's hottest cities, Cologne, with our combo games package. You'll take part in two of the world's funniest activities: bubble football and arrow tag.

Bubble football is a funnier version of a standard game of footie where players belt up and jump inside an inflatable ball. The rules stay the exact same as the beautiful game, except when you get close to each other, you might struggle because you'll bounce off each other. Plenty of laughs will be had.

If you thought bubble football was fun, wait until you get out into the arrow tag field. You know what paint ball is; well, arrow tag is like a less painful version. You'll be split up into two teams and head out into the arena to shoot each other with soft tipped arrows. Since they're soft, you won't have to worry about getting hurt, although some of the softies in your group still might have a cry.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The games are split up; you'll play 45 minutes of each one.
  • A minimum of eight players are required to book this package.
  • Both games are played in the same arena, so transport between the two isn't required.
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