Craft Beer Tasting in Cologne
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Craft Beer Tasting in Cologne

What's included

  • Craft Beer Tasting "Seminar"
  • 5-6 Different Craft Beers
  • Kölsche Tapas Snack


Craft Beer Tasting in Cologne...It's time to get a real German education - in Beer!

Lectures can be really boring, but not when they are about booze! You and the boys will be given a "seminar" about craft beer in Cologne...with the added bonus that you'll get to drink while you learn. There will be 5-6 different types of craft beer to sample so you'll really get a chance to see what Cologne beer has to offer - and why it's German beer world-renowned.

To make sure you don't get too drunk too fast, there will also be some Kölsche Tapas as a snack, which is the perfect hearty fare you want when you're hitting the beers. The tapas includes: ¼ Roll with Gouda, ¼ Roll with ground pork meat ("Zwiebelmett"), ¼ Roll with black pudding ("Flönz"), 2 meatballs (mini-Frikadellen).

Beer enthusiasts will love this activity!

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