Farewell Breakfast in Cologne
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Farewell Breakfast in Cologne

What's included

  • 2 Hour Breakfast Reservation in Main Train Station Restaurant
  • 3 Rolls, Butter, Jam, Slices of smoked Turkey, Camembert per person
  • 2 Eggs scrambled or fried with Bacon or Ham per person
  • 1 Mug of Coffee per person
  • 0.2l fresh Orange Juice per person


Farewell Breakfast in Cologne – end your trip with a nice breakfast!

After a hard night on the town, you’ll really want to get your energy back! We’ll get you a 2 hour reservation at a nice restaurant in the main train station in Cologne.

What You’ll Get

2 hour table reservation. You’ll get 3 Rolls, Butter, Jam, slices of smoked Turkey, and Camembert. You’ll get 2 eggs (scrambled or fried), with Bacon or Ham per person. For drinks you’ll get 1 Mug of Coffee per person, plus 0,2l fresh orange juice per person.

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