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Football Darts in Cologne

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Football Darts in Cologne

What's Included
  • 90 min. Football Dart
  • Qualified Instructor
Foot Darts
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Football Darts in Cologne - this unique activity will test your accuracy and power - as you aim, and kick a football at a giant dartboard!

If you're a true stag do weekend warrior: you want to play to win. You've partied hard the night before, and now you want something that's going to recharge your batteries. Hair of the dog might do it. But exercise and competition is better.

So get those competitive juices flowing, use your free-kick skills, aim and shoot - book Foorball Darts in Cologne today.

What You'll Get: 90 minutes of football darts, with an event coordinator doing what event coordinators should be doing - making sure you're playing the game properly, fairly, and that means no cheating!

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