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Lasertag Indoor, 3 Games in Cologne

Lasertag Indoor, 3 Games in Cologne

What's Included

  • 3 Laser Games
  • Gun with Red Dot Vizor per person
  • Sensor Headband per person
  • Detailed introduction to game & playing field
  • 90 min. total time in Arena
  • Debriefing on computer
  • Overview

Indoor laser tag in Cologne – blast your way to victory.

Time to get your sci-fi on, and feel like you’re fighting aliens on a distant planet shooting them up with cool laser guns…on no wait, those aren’t aliens, those are your mates!

You will each be equipped with laser gun with a red dot vizor as well as sensor headbands. There will be detailed instruction on how to play the game, and on the play fielding itself, before you begin your session. There will be 3 games. You’ll get 90 minutes in the arena, including intro/demo. And after you’ve finished your laser tag game, you will get a detailed debriefing from a computer, showing a breakdown of your stats.

Book lasertag Cologne today for 90 minutes of fun sci-fi style combat!

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