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Make A Movie in Cologne

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Make A Movie in Cologne

What's Included
  • 2 hrs. Private Film Shooting
  • Help from a Professional
Photo Shoot

The Camera Is Rolling!

Do you know a bride who loves to be the centre of attention? Put her to the test by taking part in our "make a movie" hen do activity in Cologne.

Feel the glitz and the glam that all Hollywood divas feel on their first day on set. Cologne is known as the "film city," where dozens of movies are shot every year. Take entertainment in helping your bride out on stage where she'll have to act out a number of scenes from her favourite movies in front of the camera in order for her to receive her very own Oscar at the end of it.  As you're performing, one of our actresses will be at the bottom of the stage watching your every move to see if you have what it takes to deserve the prize. Remember, you're going to be filmed, so only the best performances are allowed.

What To Expect

We have various filming locations in Cologone. Closer to the time, we'll let you know the exact location to give you a heads up. Make sure that make up is done on time.

A professional actor or actress, as well as a shooting team of directors and cameramen, will be waiting for you ladies at the studio. They'll be there to help you out and guide you through the experience, but don't get too cosy because they also have to judge you and will make the decision if the bride gets her hands on an Oscar.

The way things will go is simple. A number of story lines will be presented to the bride, and she'll have to choose the ones she thinks she'll be able to act out. 

On the stage you lot go. Lights, camera, action! Follow the bride as she takes a leading role and releases her inner diva. But hey, you won't be taking a back seat. Your job is to make sure she gets her hands on that Oscar, or you'll have a bridezilla on your hands for the remainder of the evening. And you don't want that, do you?

After the two hours of shooting, it's crunch time. The actor/actress who has been giving you a helping hand has also been judging if you're the right hit for their performing team, and now she has to decide if your bride and her team deserve the prize. Your faith is in their hands.

Have you got a couple of more days left in Cologne? If so, perfect! We've got the perfect excursion for you. Embark on a brave bride rally around the city, taking on challenges all revolving around the beautiful theme of love, like a joyful game of charades, unlocking love locks, and crazy fertility rituals. A playful day out that you're sure to enjoy.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • At the end, you'll see everything that was recorded, and it will be downloaded for you. A nice little souvenir from your cologne bachelorette party that can be played at the wedding during the speeches
  • Your movie scenes will not be cut by the filming team. All of the material that you receive will be raw, so prepare yourselves for a bundle of laughs.

Make A Movie in Cologne

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Do you know a bride who loves to be the centre of attention? Put her to the test by taking part in our make a movie hen do activity in Cologne.

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