Romantic Thriller Escape Game In Cologne

Romantic Thriller Escape Game in Cologne

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Romantic Thriller Escape Game in Cologne

What's Included
  • 2 hrs. Tablet Rally
Treasure Hunts

Prepare To Be Frightened!

Dive into a story of romantic crime with a twist. The romantic thriller escape game is the perfect way to frighten the life out of your hen in Cologne.

Your friend, who's away for her bachelorette party in Cologne, gets a mysterious voice message on her phone. Who could it be? It's the groom to be who she thought was at home waiting for her to come home. He has been kidnapped and needs your help. All of a sudden, a random by passer approaches your group and gives you an iPad with instructions on how to find the groom. You only have two hours to save him or the consequences will be disastrous. Follow the trail and solve the mystery before it's too late.

What To Expect

Since you're the chief bridesmaid, you're going to have to do some planning before the day of the activity in order to get the groom to be to agree to send a prearranged voice message on the day of the activity. Once that's sorted, you're good to go.

Have your hen on that you're heading out down to Cologne city centre for a day out. Bing, bing, a message has come in on the bachelorette's phone. The message is from her man, who she thinks is back home. He's been kidnapped, and he needs you guys to come save him. This is where she shows her real love for him.

Within seconds, a random person will approach your group with an iPad and some instructions. Follow the clues through the quaint pockets of the city, attempting to save her man. 

You've got two hours to find him, or else he could be gone forever. No wasting time, ladies, the clock is slowly ticking down.

If you do manage to find him, the celebrations will be on. Join our drag queen night out where you and the girls get to spend the evening with one of Cologne's most famous drag queens. Go see one of her shows where the bride is the star of the show; who knows, she might even make an appearance on stage. After, you'll get a bit of one to one action with the drag in the theatre bar. Ask all the questions you want and get the inside scoop about the world of drag queens. 

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • There's no maximum or minimum group requirement for this activity.
  • Your group doesn't have a private guide allocated to it for the escape game, so you're out in the big city all on your own.
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