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Scuba Diving in Cologne

Scuba Diving in Cologne

What's Included

  • 4 hours (theory + diving)
  • Instructor
  • 1 Hour pool time
  • Scuba tanks
  • All necessary equipment
  • Overview

Scuba Diving in Cologne: your chance to wwim in the deep blue sea...okay not the deep blue sea - a swimming pool!

Ever wanted to try scuba diving? Well this isn't something you can just "dive into", you'll need training first. That's why this activity is great for guys who want to learn how to scuba dive. You'll spend some time doing theory and instruction, at a great diving school. Then at a public pool, in walking distance of school, you'll get to don the scuba diving outfit and try diving for real!

Note: all necessary equipment - mask, flippers, scuba tanks - included in the price. All you need to bring is swimming gear and towels.

No booze allowed! Activity is only possible on Fridays between 18.00-22.00, and is closed during school term time.

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