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Sexy Maid in Cologne

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Sexy Maid in Cologne

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Knock, knock. Oh no, you've just been woken up by the bloody's early in the morning and your poor head is throbbing after a hard night on the tiles...

But wait, this is no ordinary maid: this girl hasn't come to pick your dirty underwear off the floor - it's a hot girl from one of Cologne's raunchy strip clubs and she's here to give you all a dirty strip show! This is a great way to prank the the nicest way possible.

The 15 minute show ends with a goodbye plus a chance to take a photo with the girl (for memory's sake!).

NOTE: The sexy maid is available to come to your hotel or apartment at any time. The girl will call contact on arrival; and they will need a space to change into their outfit before surprising the stag!

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Female Strip Show

Female Strip Show

  • Female Stripshow

Sexy Maid in Cologne

Rated "Excellent" with 4.67/5 Based on 3+ reviews.

Sexy Maid in Cologne - get the best wake-up call ever on your stag do - a maid who turns out to be a stripper!

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26. May 2022

Google Translated One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Punctual, friendly & in a good mood from the first second.

14. February 2024
05. June 2022
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