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Whiskey/Gin/Rum Tasting in Cologne

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Whiskey/Gin/Rum Tasting in Cologne

What's Included
  • Liquor Expert
  • 6 x Liquor Samples
  • Liquor Tasting
  • All Equipment Hire
Gin Tasting
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Because Alcohol Tastes Better Than Tears!

Grab the opportunity to learn more about the world's most popular spirits at Pissup's whiskey, gin, and rum tasting in Cologne. It's time to get tipsy!

Take part in a professional liquor tasting in the German city of Cologne with a specialist who could write a book about alcohol. No, literally, this person knows absolutely everything about booze. Sample a whole range of spirits like whiskey, rum, and gin and get a whole new education about their background and what they're mixed with. If you're lucky, you may even get to do some food pairings with some of the drinks, like some tasty whiskey and chocolate or cheese. Mhmmmm!

If you're mate who's due to get married soon and they love a drink, this experience is for them.

What To Expect

The location of this tasting excursion changes constantly, so we'll fill you in on the exact location closer to the time., but it's usually somewhere in the city centre so you should be able to walk there.

A liquor expert will look after your group for the day and take you on an interesting and informative journey around the wonderful drinks, whiskey, gin, and rum. Learn about their history, what tastes good with them, and what tastes bad, try them all out for yourselves. Go easy on that stuff, lads, it's a lot stronger than the stuff you get at home.

Sometimes, the liquor host introduces some pairings that they'd recommend with foods. Imagine a nice whiskey and chocolate or whiskey and cheese. You can't say no to some tasty food and drinks, right?

The tasting goes on for about two hours total; sometimes it lasts for three, depending on how things are going. All of your samples, tastings, and additional equipment for hire that your host needs are included in your booking. 

Are you interested in any other boozy activities during your time in Cologne? If so, you're in luck. We offer tonnes of bachelor party experiences that will surely tickle your fancy, but our favourite has to be our party boat with a live DJ on board and unlimited beer, wine, soft drinks, and Prosecco. Dance the evening away with the lads in an unforgettable, all inclusive experience.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • These liquor tastings are usually public, so there's a big chance that some other booze enthusiasts will be joining your group. Some outside knowledge wouldn't hurt.
  • Private tastings can be arranged upon request. Please contact your party planner for more details.
  • There are no minimum or maximum group requirements for this activity.
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