Hardball Shooting Duel

Hardball Shooting Duel in Copenhagen

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Hardball Shooting Duel in Copenhagen

What's Included

  • 3 x pistol (9mm)
  • each
  • Moving & Ducking Targets
  • Private Bus Transport
  • Private Transport (Roundtrip)
  • ---
  • Beer(s) each
  • Equipment & Safety Gear

Ahhhh duelling - a noble art of settling scores that has long been banished from European life...

But now you can trying duelling, without having to worry if one of you is going to end up in A & E - with harball guns (six shots per gun). These shoot out red balls at 130 metres per second, and when they hit they splatter everywhere! But luckily you'll be wearing boiler suits and goggles to protect you from the blast. And those boiler suits will be white to make sure that you'll know who won that round.

It's best of three rounds. There are different forms of duelling available - including the 3 x 3 lap duel - not just the classic style.

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