Laser Game + 1 fun activity in Copenhagen
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Laser Game + 1 fun activity in Copenhagen

What's included

  • Equipment
  • Instructor
  • 1 hr court rental
  • 1 hr additional fun activity


Laser Shooting, or laser tag is like paintball without the bruises (except emotional ones from losing)!

You'll get divided into two teams and will play against each other with laser guns. The exercise are excellent for lads on a stag do who want a little bit of action and a lot of laughs. The game takes place indoors on a 900 m2 laser area. There is the special effects like smoke and sound to give you an 'Alien'-like Sci-Fi atmosphere.

You can easily keep track of your lives, how many shots you have left etc using the laser gun equipment - and you'll know whose been shot with the tell-tale laser sound effects!

Book this fun laser gamea activity & you will get 1 hour long activity as well included in the price (ask for details!).

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