Gdansk AK47 Extreme Shoot-out image

AK47 Extreme Shoot-out in Gdansk

AK47 Extreme Shoot-out in Gdansk

What's Included

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • 45 bullets
  • 4 best weapons
  • Professional instructors
  • Eye/ear protection.
  • Overview

Attention! Pissup proudly presents this exclusive Heavy Machine Gun offer.

Not many shooting ranges around the world offer Kalashnikov (AK-47) or Heavy Machine Guns - as special permits and facilities are required to handle the book this if you really want a hardcore shooting experience in Gdansk.

The AK-47 Extreme Shoot-out includes:

  • 5 warm up and 5 competiition shots on 5.6 mm sport pistol.
  • 15 shots on 9mm GLOCK pistol.
  • 5 shots on a powerful pump-action shotgun
  • 15 thrilling Kalashnikov shots 3 winners, plus a medal ceremony take home targets back to hotel!

Any crazy James Bond enthusiast can always buy extra shots and/or extra guns at discounted prices on-site. For obvious reasons, you can't do this activity if you're leathered. At ease!

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