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Body Sushi in Gdansk


Body Sushi in Gdansk

What's Included

  • 10 x Sushi on Plate each
  • 30 x of Sushi on a Girl
  • Sake each
  • Private Transport (Roundtrip)
  • Private Room
Night Life

Body Sushi in Gdansk – eat sushi off the body of a sexy girl!

This is a night you won’t easily forget: a sexy Sushi girl covered in 30 pieces of sushi. This is a dinner fit for a Japanese Emperor. Not only will you share these 30 pieces of sushi, you’ll also get a sushi set of 10 pieces + saki each!

Note: This activity will take place in a private VIP room. A fun and friendly even rep will be at hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The sushi models will be available for 1 hour only, but there will be no similar limit for your group. You can stay as long as the club is open!

Add-Ons & Extras

Ask your Party Planner to add to your trip!
Minibus/ Taxis
Strip Club Entry & Tables & Welcome Drink
  • Strip Club Entry
  • Table Reservation
  • Drink(s) each
Club Entrance

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