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Old Commie Fun Minivan in Gdansk

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Old Commie Fun Minivan in Gdansk

What's Included
  • 2 hrs. Retro Bus Tour
  • Beer(s) each
  • Driver
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Night Life

Old Commie mini van in Gdansk – experience a real blast from the past while you party-it-up on wheels.

This fun old-school van is a great way to start your night off OR as transport from the airport to your hotel. Don’t be fooled by the Communist-era exterior, inside is a sight to behold: there will be cool leather lounge seats, a powerful sound system, and amazing party lights. While you take a spin through town, you can even open up the skylight for a panoramic experience!

1 beer is included in the price of the activity. You can bring your own booze and tunes on board!

Note: The mini van can take up to 7 guys at any one time. You will need to put your tunes on memory stick.

The image is for illustrative purposes – the Old Commie Fun MiniVan may differ in size/colour, etc.

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Sexy Hitchhiker
Bottle of Bubbly
Club Entrance
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