Special Forces Shooting in Gdansk
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Special Forces Shooting in Gdansk

What's included

Transport All necessary equipment (ear and eye protection, targets) Ammunition (44 bullets) Licensed shooting instructors Properly maintained weapons.
And not forgetting one of our lovely guides.


He Who Dares Wins! In association with former Polish Special Forces Soldiers, Pissup Gdansk proudly presents this new, special lad-tailored multi shoot-out offer! Under professional supervision in the Special Forces Training premises you'll learn to shoot 4 to 5 types of high-quality weapons (including a machine gun and a shotgun! ) which are still used by the Polish Special Ops Units today.


This great value package includes 5 warm up and 5 competition shots on 5.6 mm sport pistol, 15 shots on 9 mm Glock, an ass-kicking 15 shots on Glauberyt Machine Gun and finally 4 shots on a pump-action shotgun. With the help of our lovely guides, you will be taught how to 'squeeze one off gently' for best effect. Additional shots as well as different weapons can be bought at the range, which is located not too far from the city centre. For obvious reasons, you can't do this activity if you're leathered so lay off the booze until after the event.

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