Hamburg Black light 3D minigolf + games image

Black light 3D minigolf + games in Hamburg

Black light 3D minigolf + games in Hamburg

What's Included

  • 2 hours of fun games (mini golf, laser missions, air hockey…)
  • 3D Glasses
  • Overview

Black Light 3D Mini-golf + games in Hamburg – a genuinely fun start to your stag night out.

Fancy a bit of good old fun before you hit the beers? What about a spot of black light 3D mini-golf? It’s like mini golf but you’ll play it in a trippy neon environment wearing crazy 3D glasses. Find out who really has the talent to hit a hole in one…it’s not going to be easy in these conditions! During your two hours of fun you’ll also play other games including laser missions, air hockey and blind house.

There’s plenty of good old competitive fun to be had during this activity!

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