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Burger, Beer & Boobs in Hamburg

Burger, Beer & Boobs in Hamburg

What's Included

  • x 2 hour private room reservation at a burger restaurant
  • 15 min. strip show
  • 1 double burger per person
  • fries or sweet potato fries
  • 2 x 0.3l beer per person
  • 1 shot per person
  • Overview

Beer, Burger, and Boobs in Hamburg – three B’s are essential for a top stag night out!

Enjoy a delicious double burger meal plus drinks at a nice centrally located restaurant, which will get you sorted for the night ahead. After the meal is done you’ll get to enjoy a private strip show with a hot local honey!

How It Works

What you’ll get: A private room reservation at a burger restaurant (2 hours). The restaurant is located right in city centre. The strip show will last 15 mins.

You will get double burger per person, plus fries or sweet potato fries. For drinks: x 2 0.3l litres of beer, and 1 shot per person

Extras / More Info

You can add a second stripper - for an additional cost.

Group Sizes: Minimum - 10; Maximum - 25.

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