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Cocktail Workshop in Hamburg

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Cocktail Workshop in Hamburg

What's Included
  • 2 hrs. Cocktail Workshop
  • Welcome Drink per pax
  • Introduction to Cocktail Mixing
  • Mix your own Cocktails
Cocktail Workshop

Behind Every Good Cocktail Is A Bartender Who's A Professional At Making People Intoxicated!

Refresh your minds and lift your spirits through our cocktail workshop in Hamburg for your stag party. Learn the craft of mixing the drinks you love to consume.

Book one of our creative cocktail workshops in the suburbs of Hamburg, guaranteeing you the skills to shake up your favourite beverages. Pull yourselves up a seat and learn from a professional mixologist well versed in the art of cocktails. Follow the step by step process of the work that goes into whipping up big name recipes, from selecting the right ingredients to choosing the right tools so the end product has the customer's mouth watering when it's served.

Life's too short to spend on mediocre drinks; learn how to do things at our cocktail class.

What To Expect

Our Hamburg cocktail studio is nicely located in a Mexican styled hipster bar on the fringes of the downtown area. You're going to absolutely love this place, between the vibrant atmosphere and the methods they use for mixing their drinks.

Get in the drinking mood when you arrive with some welcome drinks provided by the bar to each participant. Start as you mean to go on, right?

One of the bar's best mixologists will be taking charge of the class and showing you the ins and outs of what it takes to mix drinks that customers love.

To begin, you'll watch how they do it and the procedure they follow, as well as tasting some to find the right balance. Getting served a cocktail with too much of one ingredient can ruin it completely. After you've seen how the expert does things, now it's your turn to replicate what they've done. All the tools and ingredients will be provided; you just have to get the steps right.

Later on, towards the end of the activity, all of you will get to try your own drinks, and the mixologist will try them, too, to see how well you've done. Maybe a few hidden talents may even come to light.

Following all that alcohol, you might be feeling a tad bit peckish, so why not have dinner German style? Book our Schnitzel dinner, a traditional culinary experience. Sample one of the country's staple dishes and wash it all down with some full bodied local beers.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • All of our cocktail workshops are available during the afternoon only. The starting time is 2 PM every day.
  • We can accommodate groups that want a different start time, but you must let us know in advance.
  • This activity is only available to those over 18 only.
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