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Make A Movie in Hamburg

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Make A Movie in Hamburg

What's Included
  • 2 hrs. Private Film Shooting
  • Help from a Professional
Photo Shoot

Lights, Camera, Action!

Has your friend getting married always wanted to stand in front of a camera? Make a movie together for her hen party in Hamburg.

Dive into the fascinating world of movie making at a real life studio in the German city of Hamburg. You guys will star in your very own film with the goal of trying to win an Oscar. One of our actors will guide you through the whole process and make it their mission for you to come out victorious. The main actress will be the bride, and her girls will be the backup acts. Imagine the laugh you're going to have putting this together.

Will you be able to convince the Oscar jury that you have what it takes to receive the prize? There's only one way to find out.

What To Expect

Doll yourselves up and get over to the movie studio. There are a couple of locations around the city of Hamburg, so we'll let you know which one to go to closer to the time.

When you arrive, you'll be introduced to the film crew, which includes a professional actor as your guide, a cameraman, and a director. It sounds very professional. Don't be nervous, though, they're there to make sure you get your Oscar.

Calm the nerves, because soon it will be time to choose your storyline. This is the bride's job, so make sure you have some influence over her to choose one that you think the girls can pull off, or it will be a total failure. Some of the story lines that have been used in the past include laying with a groom on a sinking luxury liner or a "50 Shades of Wedding" performance.

In total, the performance will go on for two hours, and it will be all raw footage with no editing. Be on your toes, ladies. Finally, a jury will decide whether you have what it takes to win the Oscar. Let's hope there are tears of joy and not sadness.

If you're in Hamburg for a couple of days, enjoy another one of Pissup's hen do activities like our tablet rally around the city, where you'll have to find a number of locations with a set of clues at each one. It's like a treasure hunt, but with some added excitement.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The movie will not be cut. You will get it at the end, but it will be the raw version.
  • There's no maximum or minimum group requirement for this activity, so bring as many of your girls as you like.

Make A Movie in Hamburg

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Has your friend getting married always wanted to stand in front of a camera? Make a movie together for her hen party in Hamburg.

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21. May 2023
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