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Outdoor Football Darts in Hamburg

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Outdoor Football Darts in Hamburg

What's Included
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Equipment
  • 60 min. Football Dart
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Foot Darts
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Lace Up Your Boots Boys!

Practice your aim through Pissup's outdoor football darts stag do activity in Hamburg. You may be able to shoot, but can you score?

Much like a standard game of darts but with a bit of a twist, our shooting darts experience follows all of the same rules, only you use an actual football to hit the board against your pals. Take aim at a lifesize dart board and attempt to hit the numbers to get the highest score. There's no need to be a professional by any stretch of the imagination, but only the strong will survive.

What To Expect

Venture over to the outdoor darts arena where a qualified instructor will be waiting for you. Upon arrival, they'll introduce themselves and give you a little rundown of what to expect and what the game rules are. We'll send you the location where the games will take place, a little closer to the time.

The game rules are simple. All you have to do is kick a football against a massive dart board to try get the highest score. There will be a couple of rounds where your points will be added up and at the end of the winner will be announced. Bragging rights are going to be seriously on the line here lads, so put your heart and soul into this one.

Our event coordinator will organize everything the bachelor party will need for the activity. Just make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes to get a good kick of the ball. No doubt we'll see one or two of you tryhards with a pair of football boots.

In total, the kicking competition will last for sixty minutes. Your instructor will keep an eye on the scores, so you can focus on playing.

There are a numerous number of activities that you can book for your stag party after they finish up on the field. Our private boat tour with a stripper is one that every group of lads go wild for. Cruise through Hamburg soaking up the sights while your friend who's getting married gets to see another pair of tits that aren't his wife's. It's going to get a little bit steamy!

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Unfortunately, there will be no lockers or showers available at the football arena, so you'll have to keep your belongings close by and your washing for after.
  • The minimum group size for this activity is 1 and the maximum is 20.
  • Anyone in the group who has never kicked a ball before doesn't have to worry, as the instructor will guide them through the whole way through the experience.

Other Options

Football Darts

Football Darts

  • 60 min. Football Dart
  • Equipment
  • Qualified Instructor

What can you add?

extra 30 minutes Football Darts Outdoor
extra 30 min Bubble Football + Footbal Darts (Outdoor)- Hamburg

Outdoor Football Darts in Hamburg

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Practice your aim through Pissup's outdoor football darts stag do activity in Hamburg. You may be able to shoot, but can you score?

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