Rifle Shooting (big) in Hamburg
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Rifle Shooting (big) in Hamburg

What's included

  • 65 clay pigeons
  • Rifles
  • Instructor
  • Safety equipment


Rifle shooting at clay pigeons in Hamburg – take aim and fire!

Want to go shooting while on your Hamburg stag weekend, but bored by the idea of shooting at a static target? With clay pigeon shooting you can practise your aim and your reflexes at the same time. There will be 65 clay pigeons flying up into the air for you to shoot…which should be more than enough for each of you to blast one of those birdies out of the sky.

If you want to shoot normal discs (not moving) rather than clay pigeons (moving) then please ask in advance and we can set this up for you.

Note: you must be sober to do this activity AND you will need to bring your ID.

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