Steak + Strip In Hamburg

Steak + Strip in Hamburg

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Steak + Strip in Hamburg

What's Included
  • 2 x glass of beer or wine
  • 5 min. Strip Show on Stage
  • Steak each
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Steak + Tits Is What Makes Every Man Happy!

It's time for Pissup to organize your stag's meal of a lifetime in Hamburg. A scrumptious steak dinner with a cheeky strip show for his dessert.

A tender steak, a refreshing beer and a red-hot strip show: Can there be a better combination? Settle down in one of the city's best strip clubs where you'll be served up a succulent steak meal cooked whichever way you like with an ice cold local beer or a glass of fine wine to tame your thirst. As the food coma starts to hit you lads, your bachelor still has another course to get through, a fine local woman who knows a thing or two about getting her clothes off to excite a groom. Hopefully he's going to be able to handle this.

What To Expect

Allow Pissup to do all of the dirty work by reserving a table for your bachelor party at an extremely popular strip club, well known for serving up mouthwatering strips of steaks and the hottest ladies.

As you arrive, you'll be shown to your table by one of the staff members and they'll ask you which way you'd like your strip cooked along with which beverage you'd like with it. The options are either a glass of beer or wine. You choose your own poison.

By the end of the meal, you're bound to be stuffed like a turkey. But hey, there's always space for dessert, especially when it's a sexy German lady. Feast your eyes on your friend who's getting married, as he gets bounced up and down by one of the strip club's most gorgeous ladies with a fine set of bangers for fifteen minutes straight. We can already smell the jealousy out of the lot of you.

In total, between the meal and the strip dance, the activity goes on for around three hours. Have you got anything else planned for your buddy's wild stag weekend in Hamburg? Our party bus activity is hugely popular for those looking to get a bit messed up while away on tour. Drive around the city in a wild bus transformed into a nightclub.

Booking Times Available

  • This steak meal and stripper dance activity can be booked for after 9pm, no earlier.
  • Thursday to Sunday are the days that it's available on.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • The strip show, drinks and steak dish are all included in the price, so there's no need to worry about any add ons.
  • The minimum group size for this activity to go ahead is five people and the maximum is thirty five.

Other Options

Steak Meal

Steak Meal

  • 2 hrs. Table reservation
  • Starter each
  • Beer(s) (0.5 l) each
  • of Fries each
  • Steak each
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