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Male Midget Handcuffed (1 Hour) in Ibiza

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Male Midget Handcuffed (1 Hour) in Ibiza

What's Included
  • Midget Entertainer
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You Know What They Say, It's Not About The Size Of The Person; It's About The Size Of Their Heart!

It's the most epic bachelor party gag in Ibiza. Get your stag handcuffed to a tiny midget for one whole hour while you gents party the night away!

All stags have to be tortured on their big weekend away for their wedding celebrations. There's no way you'd be allowed to do this in your home city with his missus watching.

Hook your best mate up to one of the smallest people you've ever seen while you guys club the night away on the party island of Ibiza. One hour of pure laughs, you can bring the little fellow wherever you want.

Damn, imagine if the groom to be needs to go to the toilet; that will be interesting.

What To Expect

Your little friend will meet your group in a location in the Ibiza town centre. It can be a bar, restaurant, or club; just notify us in advance so we can make the arrangements.

Whether you want the arrest to happen as a surprise or knowingly, we offer both. Imagine your buddy's face when he feels something on his wrist, and he turns around and sees a dwarf hooked up to him. He won't know what's going on.

The ordeal will last for 60 minutes in total. Obviously, you can add on extra time if you wish (for an added fee). If you have plans to party outside of the main centre with the midget, you'll have to pay a surcharge for them to travel further than the requirements.

Our tiny man is full of laughs and great fun, so don't be afraid to have a bit of banter with him. After all, he's going to be stuck to the soon to be married man for an hour, so you better get used to him.

Please note that the dwarf isn't a stripper. We do have options available for both dwarf males and females that we can arrange for you. Please contact us for more details.

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Your group needs to have more than two people for this activity to go ahead.
  • We ask you to please respect the dwarf at all times. If anyone is showing disrespectful behaviour towards him, he reserves the right to cancel the experience, and you won't be refunded.
  • This activity can happen at any venue, but be sure to confirm in advance with them just in case it's not allowed.
  • For any locations outside of the Ibiza town centre, you'll have to pay an extra fee.
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