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Burger and Beers in Krakow

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Burger and Beers in Krakow

What's Included

  • of Fries each
  • Burger each
  • Pissup Guide
  • 2 x Beer(s) each
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Night Life

Burger and Beers in Krakow - a tasty meal of burger and fries, plus beers - just the thing you need before you hit the town (again!).

Eating isn't cheating - not if you want to recharge, and fuel your night out. Stag dos are all about stamina. And this delicious meal will sort you out. Then you can focus on getting p-ssed!

What You'll Get

One of our great P-ssup guides will meet and bring you to the venue, in good time. You will then be served a meal of burger and fries / potatoes. You will get 2 beers each with your meal. Please note: a 10% tip is included in the cost of the activity.

Other Options

Start Up Steak

Start Up Steak

  • of Salad each
  • of Fries each
  • 2 x Beer(s) each
  • Pissup Guide
  • Steak each

What can you add?

Stag Kidnapping Prank
club entry + tables + vodka shot
Strip Club Entry+ tablse + Vodka Shot
stag arrest
Drunk Bride Prank

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