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Club Escape Room + Strip Show in Krakow

Club Escape Room + Strip Show in Krakow

What's Included

  • Escape room (private rental)
  • Escape room game
  • Strip show afterwards
  • Round of beers
  • Good quality bottle of polish vodka
  • Stripper
  • Overview

Krakow Club Escape Room & Strip Club – crack the codes, solve the puzzles, and escape from two rooms, and then enjoy a hot private strip show. Two amazing activities in one!

If you want to do some lateral thinking and get into the team spirit, as well as enjoying some lovely eye candy – then this unique stag night out in Krakow is for you.

How it Works

This escape room venue is in the style of a gentlemen’s club, with hot girls and expensive liqueurs. There are two rooms, you need to escape from the first to enter the second one. In each room you have 60 minutes to complete the task. 8 people can fit in one room. After the game, you’ll enjoy a private strip show in the sexy escape room and round of beers!

For groups larger than 8, we will have to split you into two teams – competing agains each other. The other team will have to wait till the first one is done. There is a waiting room where you can bring your own alcohol! A bottle of good quality vodka for the winning team is included in the price.

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