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Drunk Bride Prank in Krakow

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Drunk Bride Prank in Krakow

What's Included
  • 3 x Shot(s) for the Stag
  • 2 hrs. Fake Bride
  • Pissup Guide
Night Life

Drunk Bride Prank – have a drunk “bride” tag along during another activity and act like she married the stag the previous night!!!

This girl will truly act the part: she will show she is very much in love with the stag; will want to hold hands, sit on his lap. She will also prove they were married by showing him the ring and the marriage certificate. At one point she is so desperate not to lose him that she’ll handcuff herself to him for a whole hour! Both the stag and the “bride” will each get three vodka shots!

NOTE: This can only be combined with another activity, such as a bar crawl. The "bride" will stay for 2 hours.

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