Gondola Sightbeering in Krakow
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Gondola Sightbeering in Krakow

What's included

  • 1 hour Gondola Boat Hire
  • Guide
  • 3 beers person


Gondolas and SightBEERing in Krakow – a taste of Venice…only with great Polish beer!

Krakow is packed with history, great things to see and do – as well as all our classic stag activities. But sightseeing can be a bit of bore, plus there’s all that walking to do. Why not make it fun? Go on a Gondola, with a fun guide AND a few beers each. Sorted.

How it Works

Your fun local guide will pick your group up at the hotel, and take you to the location. The gondola leaves from Krakow city centre. Included: 1 hour boat hire, captain, guide, 3 beers per person.

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