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Stag Kidnapping in Krakow

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Stag Kidnapping in Krakow

What's Included
  • Guide
  • Stag Kidnapping Prank
  • Strip Club Entry
  • Shot(s) each
  • 15 minutes Strip Show
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Stag Kidnap
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Experience the Krakow Kidnapping Prank for Stags!

Your stag will think he is going on a normal bar guide…and enjoy a round of vodka shots with his mates. But suddenly 2 large guys’ll grab your stag, put a bag over his head, throw him into the back of a car and tear off into the distance. Have you walked onto some horror movie set?

No, you’re just scaring him to death! For approximately 20 minutes he will be driven around the city blindfolded and handcuffed. The rest of the group moves to the strip club meeting point where your stag will appear – he’ll tied to a chair on stage.

The music starts and all of a sudden the lights flicker on. A (gorgeous) Polish stripper, (or 2 strippers for larger groups) will dance for him for 15 minutes as your group looks on. A truly memorable experience that you wont forget on your Krakow adventure.

Note: You’ll each get a shot of vodka in the bar AND at the strip club (the stag will definitely need it after his ordeal!). Guide, strip club entry, and table reservation included in the price.

The earliest start for this activity is 20.00, since the strip bar opens at 21.00.

Why not combine this with a Krakow Bar Crawl? The stag can let off steam after his “harrowing” Krakow kidnapping prank experience.

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Stag Kidnapping in Krakow

Rated "Excellent" with 4.75/5 Based on 4+ reviews.

Krakow kidnapping prank: "Is this real?" "Will I ever escape?" - All these questions will go through the groom's mind during this prank! It'll be hilarious!

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