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Vodka Tasting in Krakow

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Vodka Tasting in Krakow

What's Included
  • 10 x Vodka Tasters each
  • Snacks
  • Pissup Guide
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Welcome to Krakow – The World’s Vodka capital! Think you boys can outdrink our guides?

Well, don’t be so sure. Poland is famous for its long vodka-drinking traditions. Over 250 different kinds of booze are produced here, some of which reach 70% proof. We’ll make sure you get to try only the best quality ones (all shots not less than 40-50 %) and our guide will share his or her vodka knowledge with you in a nice centrally located vodka bar. We’ll throw in 10 shots and snacks, with some Polish sausage, if you’re not ready to drink it straight (Polish way).

How it Works

Your guide will meet you at your hotel. They will take you on foot to the centrally located vodka bar. You’ll get to try 10 kinds of original polish vodkas (some clear, some “mixed”) + some snacks, and Polish sausage. Afterwards you can either stay in the bar or get somewhere else afterwards.

If you wish to end your evening early, buy more shots on the spot and make a competition for a few pence. When trying vodka tasting in Krakow just worry about staying on your feet. Our guide will take care of the rest. Hassle-free!

Combine this with our Start Up Steak dinner and make sure you’ve got the fuel to power you through an evening’s madness in Krakow.

What can you add?

Stag Kidnapping Prank
Juicy Steak
Polish Style Meal
Club Entry+ Tables + Vodka Shot
Strip Club Entry + Table + Vodka Shot
Stag Arrest
Drunk Bride Prank
Sexy Maid

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Vodka Tasting in Krakow

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Welcome to Krakow – The World’s Vodka capital! Think you boys can outdrink our beautiful female guides? Well, don’t be so sure.

21. June 2022
by Thomas
21. June 2022
by Martin L.
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