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White Water Rafting in Krakow

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White Water Rafting in Krakow

What's Included
  • Guide
  • roundtrip transfer
  • 1 hr. Rafting
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
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This is the mother of all adrenaline packed activities with guaranteed thrills and excitement.

This professionally organised white-water event takes place near Krakow at a purpose built Olympic complex used for European and World Championship events.

Every person gets complete white water equipment, including helmet, buoyancy aid, cage and paddle. The boat has standard rescue equipment for your safety. All teams are accompanied by experienced, bilingual guides and we use as many rafts as necessary so everybody gets a full hour of rafting. If you're an adrenalin junkie and feel that 1hr is not enough for you, then why not add on an extra hour?

If you fancy this memorable activity then don't leave it too late. Time slots fill up fast so it's best to pre-book.

White Water Rafting in Krakow

So, you've arrived the night before, transported by our strip bus and then experienced a night of debauchery with our bar and nightclub club. You and the guys have drunk and danced your way all over Kraków - and now you're feeling you want something more. If you think it's time to test your mettle and give yourself a shot of adrenaline that will power you out of that deep hangover, then white water rafting is the thing for you.

But we're not going to take you down some wild gorges where you lose the groom in the Rapids - no, this modern environment is safe and secure. Where you'll be going is the complex used by the Olympic team to train in. So if one of your team does fall, the staff can kill the water flow and get him out. And you'll be in the best gear so a fall will be refreshing rather than dangerous.

But even if you've never tried anything like it before, it is easy to pick up. After giving you a short tutorial where you will be given the simple commands to follow. So even if you don't know how to tie your own shoelaces, and don't worry after a heavy night we know how you feel, you'll be able to master it quickly.

Extra Info

Located on the outskirts of Kraków right by the river, it's only a short bus ride from the centre (transport is included). As usual our friendly guide will take you there. At site there will be an instructor showing you the ropes.

This is a very popular activity that we often have to reschedule, so get in touch to secure your place.

Cold water is the best hangover cure, but generally this activity is most popular in the summer months. While Kraków winters are no joke it's not Moscow so you can do white water rafting in winter. We don't do hidden costs at Pissup, and so all equipment that's necessary to do the activity is provided for you. However if you're coming in the winter then as an extra there are special suits for greater protection against the cold.

If you fancy this intense, memorable activity then don't leave it too late. Time slots fill up fast so it's best to pre-book.

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