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Bavarian Breakfast in Munich

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Bavarian Breakfast in Munich

What's Included
  • Beer(s) (0.5 l) each
  • Breakfast each
  • 120 min. Table reservation

Bavarians Do Breakfasts The Right Way!

Join us for a Bavarian breakfast in Munich for your stag party, a pure feast for the eyes that Germans have grown up on for centuries!

Whether you want to start off your first morning on your stag do like the Germans do or need to be cured after all the amazing beer you've had the night before, a Bavarian breakfast is the answer to your problem.

The Bavarian region is famed for its fascinating culinary traditions, and one of them is the scrumptious Bavarian breakfast featuring a range of local delights and hearty snacks. Settle in for a two hour reservation at one of Munich's most cherished local restaurants, also referred to as a Bavarian Wirtshaus, who master the art of the country's famous breakfast option.

What Comes With A Bavarian Breakfast?

Depending on where you go, a Bavarian breakfast can be made a number of ways with all kinds of ingredients, but for the eatery, we'll take you too; you'll receive the following.

  • Two Weißwürste
  • Two Wiener
  • Two Stockwürste
  • Two Pretzels
  • A 0.5 litre of beer each
  • Three scrambled eggs or three fried eggs

A monster spread of food if you ask us!

The Fun Never Stops In Munich!

Hit the ground running on your big weekend in Munich through our amazing range of bachelor party activities, from relaxing bowling evenings to insanely fun go karting experiences; the fun never stops when you plan your last weekend of freedom with Pissup!

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