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Bavarian Breakfast in Munich


Bavarian Breakfast in Munich

What's Included

  • Eggs (scrambled or fried) with Ham or Bacon each
  • 2 x Weißwurst with sweet Mustard each
  • Bavarian Pretzel each
  • Beer(s) (0.5 l) each

Enjoy a breakfast worthy of a true Bavarian (or barbarian!). This is the best way to kick start your day.

We’ll get you hooked up with 2 hours reservation in a classic Bavarian Wirtshaus. Bavarian food is delicious, and exactly what you’ll need to restore your energy after a hard night on the town. Plus we’ll include a nice beer for hair of the dog!

The breakfast will include:

2 x Weisswurst with sweet Mustard per person
1 x Bavarian Pretzel per person
2 Eggs, scrambled or fried with Ham/Bacon per person
1 x 0,5l Weissbeer

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