Brewery Tour - Munich City Centre - Private Tour

Brewery Tour - Munich City Centre - Private Tour

What's Included

  • 120 min. Tour
  • Guide
  • 2 Beer pp.
  • 1 Bavarian Pretzel pp.
  • Overview

Private Brewery tour in Munich – this one is for all you serious beer-lovers out there!

There’s no denying it: Germans brew great beer. And if you’re on a stag weekend in Munich, you’ve really got to sample some of the local stuff. Book a brewery tour with us, and we’ll get you on a private brewery tour in a central location in Munich. You’ll get taken round the brewery itself and learn how the stuff is made. After this you’ll get to enjoy 2 beers each, and a pretzel as a snack.

Note: As an extra we can arrange a third beer for you all, AND Warm Leberkäs (a delicious meaty local delicacy!) .

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