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Bubble Football & Arrow Tag in Munich

Bubble Football & Arrow Tag in Munich

What's Included

  • 120 min. total
  • Indoor Court
  • 30 min. Warmup Fun with alcohol goggles, costume and fun games
  • 45 min. Bubble Football 4-a-side
  • 45 min. Arrow Tag
  • Event Coordinator
  • Overview

Bubble football AND Arrow tag – enjoy a full-on session of fun stag activities!

Bubble football is perfect for those who want a kickabout with a twist; you’ll all be clad in hilarious sumo-style zorb suits. First you will have a warm-up session involving “alcohol” goggles, costumes and fun games. Then you’ll a 45 minute session of bubble football. There will be a ref on hand – so no cheating!

After that it’s on to a session of arrow tag. It’s like paintball without the mess! You’ll get to show off your marksmanship skills…while aiming the (foam) arrows at your enemies (friends!).

Note: the Event Coordinator will make a video/photos of the event and give you and SD card with it all on at the end.

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