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City Rally in Munich

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City Rally in Munich

What's Included
  • 180 min. Playing Time
  • 3 x Application download
  • Support Hotline
  • Challenges
Treasure Hunts

Put Your Thinking Caps On Gents!

Embark on a scavenger hunt like no other around the beautiful German city of Munich for your mate's stag do. Join our city rally today!

Split up into three groups, with one of them being the bachelor on his own. After all, he has to be picked on as much as possible on his last weekend of freedom; let's just hope he doesn't take it too personally. Venture around Munich's city centre, solving puzzles and difficult riddles based around the groom himself. We'll send you a questionnaire before the activity to get some juicy bits of information to use on the day. It's a tailored excursion designed to make everyone have a bit of fun.

Race against the clock and aim to be victorious before time runs out.

What To Expect

Unlike any of our other treasure hunt activities, this one involves a tad bit more planning. Allow us to send you a small care package before the activity that will include some essential items for the day of the activity, a few questions about the groom like the bride's name, etc., and an important application to download on your phone that you'll need on the day. Sounds difficult? Don't worry; it's easy as pie.

When the day comes, you won't have a guide assigned to your group. Everything you need is on the application we've sent you. Be sure to only log in as soon as you're ready to begin, as it expires after 72 hours of the activation.

For the activity to go as planned, the bachelor party must be divided into three groups, one of which must be the groom on his own. There's no malice behind it, but no doubt there will be some whining from him.

Tear around solving various challenges, with over 50 available. There will be no time to rest, you'll be kept busy. Usually, the experience lasts between three and four hours, depending on how quickly the tasks are completed. 

For dinner, take a look at our steak and tits dinner option. The name already sounds a little too enticing, doesn't it? Chow down on a lovely strip of red meat while watching your pal who's about to sell his soul get a fine set of knockers in his face. 

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • Unfortunately, our city rally activity is only available in German.
  • Reservations must be made at least one week in advance if you live in Germany, and two weeks in advance if you live in Austria or Switzerland.
  • There's a hot line attached to the application that we'll send you just in case any problems arise or if you have any questions regarding finding a challenge, etc., when you're out in the field.
  • If the weather is poor on the day of the activity, the application has a GPS independent mode that has a lot of challenges, so you can take refuge in a cafe or a bar and continue taking part. The show must go on, lads!
  • There's no minimum or maximum participant requirement for the hunt to go ahead, so bring all the people you like to outnumber the groom.
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