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Axe Throwing in Paris

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Axe Throwing in Paris

What's Included
  • 1 min. Axe Throwing
  • Safety Training & Targets
  • Qualified Instructor
  • All Equipment Hire
  • 60 min. Playing Time
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Axe Throwing

Why Punch Someone To Release Your Anger When You Can Throw An Axe!

Throw axes, hit targets, and have an insane amount of fun with your boys in Paris at a bachelor party. Let's see who has the best aim!

Learn from a team of professionals how to launch an axe with precision and skill, so you can prepare to challenge your buddies and see who's the real throwing champion. Enjoy this unusual outing with your pals to get yourselves into the stag party mood. Losers buy the first round of pints in the bar later on that night.

What To Expect

The axe throwing arena is right in the centre of Paris, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding the location. You'll be sent over the address closer to the time of the activity date.

Before you let loose and blow off some steam, a team of qualified instructors will go throw an in depth safety briefing with you and show you what it takes to be a throwing champion. Launch these sharp objects just anywhere won't work; you need to try to hit the targets, or else you'll be a loser for the rest of the weekend.

After everyone is trained up, this when things start to heat up. Split up into teams and get ready for a nail bitting tournament. No wonder so many people end up falling out on stag parties. The elimination tournament will last for one hour overall, with direct eliminations involved, so you better give your heart and soul, or you'll be watching from the sidelines.

There are four axe models in total that visitors are allowed to use; you'll also be shown a little demonstration with them and even get a chance to use them too. If you have perfected your aim, using one of these upgrades will surely guarantee you a win.

Don't be worried if you're not strong, the axes only weigh 700 grammes, so anyone can lift them, but after an hour of constant throwing, that takes a toll on the body, so take your time.

How Many Targets Does Each Group Get?

One to three people - one target Four to six people - two targets Seven to nine people - three targets

What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • This is a public experience. If you'd prefer for your group to have the arena to themselves, you can upgrade to a private experience.
  • You're allowed to bring your own cake for the groom to be to celebrate or some cheeky snacks, but no alcohol is allowed for safety reasons. Imagine a load of drunk lads firing around axes; someone would undoubtedly get injured.

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Axe Throwing in Paris

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Throw axes, hit targets, and have an insane amount of fun with your boys in Paris at a bachelor party. Let's see who has the best aim!

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24. July 2023
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