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Gourmet Pizza And Wine in Paris

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Gourmet Pizza And Wine in Paris

What's Included
  • 1 glass of wine
  • Pizza
Night Life

The Best Pizzas We Eat Are The Ones With Friends!

Is your bachelor's favourite combination pizza and wine? Well, it's time to earn yourself some brownie points on his big weekend away in Paris.

Sit yourselves down for a good pizza complemented with a fine glass of French wine; whether it's white or red, you choose your poison. We'll find you a nice private space at one of the most sought after pizzerias in the capital to line your stomachs for the heavy intoxication that will take place throughout the night.

France is known for a lot of things, including its take on international delights, and pizza is one of them. And boy, do we have one that will make your mouth water, from margaritas smothered in cheese to piping hot pepperonis that will have you begging for more. To finish things off, you'll have some fine wine to wash it all down with.

What's Included With The Meal?

Each of your group members will have their very own pizza to devour, served alongside a lovely glass of wine. This restaurant doesn't do things on the cheap, so expect the best stuff in town.

Following your feast, you can choose to head somewhere else for drinks or pull up a chair in the bar's elegant cocktail bar that will surely set the tone for the night. Whether you're in the mood for a strong Old Fashioned or a refreshing gin and tonic, you'll be well looked after there.

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