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Spa in Riga

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Spa in Riga

What's Included
  • 120 min. Spa
  • Private Transport (Roundtrip)
  • Pissup Guide
  • Shower & Towels
  • lockers and showers with towels and amenities
  • Spa Pass
  • Towel each
Spa & Waterparks

Enjoy a relaxing day out in a top spa in Riga on your stag do weekend.

Your guide will pick you up take you via transport to the Riga spa, where you'll get to spend up to two and a half hours enjoying the great facilities the spa has on offer. The spa includes a variety of different areas and facilities, including relaxation rooms, saunas etc. This is the perfect way to relax after a night out boozing in Riga, you'll get a chance to sweat out those toxins and feel refreshed for round two of Riga stag do blowout.

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