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Sofia Stag Activities


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Our Sofia Activity Recommendations

Sofia really is an undiscovered diamond for a stag destination. Offering true high adrenalin activities as well as all the traditional, getting wasted in a bar. Why not try something you will never forget?  We let you throw the stag off a bridge or roll him down a hill in a giant hamster ball. Let’s be honest …. you don’t really like him that much do you!!

How it works?

Below you will see we have broken down a stag tour in Sofia into sections so it is easier for you to find what you need. Browse through the different sections and when you find an activity that you think is a good fit, click the image to see more details on whats included and if there are extras that can be added.

Too much hassle?

We know that you are probably grabbing a few spare moments in your lunch break or maybe while your better half is not around to see what you planning. If thats the case, hoping from one activity to another may sound like to much hassle. Just click here to see Sofia Stag Packages. Pre arranged packages for every budget that will get you all sorted in minutes.

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