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Bachelor Challenge Rally in Stuttgart

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Bachelor Challenge Rally in Stuttgart

What's Included
  • 180 min. Playing Time
  • 3 x Application download
  • Support Hotline
  • Challenges
Treasure Hunts

How Many Brain Cells Do You Lot Have Between You?

It's time to think, boys. Wander around Stuttgart, facing plenty of tasks along the way on Pissup's bachelor challenge rally excursion. Book today!

Explore Stuttgart in a whole new way. Rally around the city, cracking codes and overcoming challenges with only a smartphone app. This isn't just any old test, we'll tailor the whole thing for your stag because it's his big weekend. Receive a care package after your booking with some funny props, a couple of questions about the big man himself, and the app you'll need on the day. A bit of planning is needed to make this run smoothly, but we'll be with you every step of the way!

What To Expect

After you book this amazing bachelor experience with us, we'll send you what we like to call a "little care package." It's going to contain a bundle of small items that will be needed on the day, so make sure you bring them along with you in your suitcase. There will be a questionnaire in there too, that has a couple of questions about the stag, like what's the bride's name, etc. Just fill it out and send it back to us, and you're good to go.

An application that acts as a bit of a tour guide and has all of the locations you need to stop at will also need to be downloaded. We'll give you the name and login information ahead of time. Please wait until the day of activity to log in because once you do, you have 72 hours to complete the tasks before they expire.

To kick things off, all you have to do is head out into the city, turn on the app, and it will start things off for you. You'll have over 50 challenges in total to choose from, so there's a huge variety of exciting opportunities. 

Before you start, the group must be divided up into three teams, and one of them has to be the groom on his own. You have the ultimate chance to bully him, but if he wins, the rest of you will be sorry.

The thrilling rally normally lasts between three and four hours. It all depends on how fast you're getting through the challenges. 

If your group happens to score 1000 points or more during the tour, you can claim a prize at the end in the  "Encore" tasks section on the app. Winners will receive an email with an individual code for our outdoor escape game that can be played on a smartphone. Better have your game faces on.

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What You Should Know Before Booking This Activity

  • If the weather is poor on the day of the bachelor rally, the app has a GPS Independent Mode, which has a lot of challenges that can be done indoors. Just find a nice little cafe nearby, and you'll be sorted.
  • Any problems that arise on the day will be addressed by the support hotline on the app, which will put you in touch with a professional who will look after you.
  • Groups that live in Germany need to book the bachelor party rally one week in advance, and if you're from Austria or Switzerland, it has to be booked two weeks in advance.
  • For the time being, our rally is only available in German. If the bachelor is interested, he may need to bring a translator with him on the day. 

Bachelor Challenge Rally in Stuttgart

Rated "Excellent" with 4.5/5 Based on 2+ reviews.

It's time to think, boys. Wander around Stuttgart, facing plenty of tasks along the way on Pissup's bachelor challenge rally excursion. Book today!

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