Ribs and fries

Dinner - Spare Ribs in Stuttgart

Dinner - Spare Ribs in Stuttgart

What's Included

  • Spare Ribs with French Fries and small Salad
  • 2 x 0.3l Beer
  • 2 Hour Table Reservation
  • Overview

Dinner - Spare Ribs in Stuttgart - enjoy a delicious dinner of spare ribs at a great restaurant in Stuttgart, plus beer! - this a great way to kick-start your night out.

Eating is cheating, eh? Not if you want to have a proper stag night in Stuttgart. If you want to still be dancing in the small hours, you'll need a good dinner inside you. So book Dinner - Spare Ribs today, and get the party started!

What You'll Get

You will get 2 Hour Table Reservation at a well-located restaurant in Stuttgart. Your dinner will consist of Spare Ribs with French fries plus small salad. You will also get 2 x 0,3l Beer to wash down the delicious dinner.

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