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Drinks & Strip in Stuttgart

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Drinks & Strip in Stuttgart

What's Included
  • Bottle of alcohol 1 L
  • 10 x Softdrinks
  • 15 min. Female stripper
  • Fotos with the stripper
  • Various costumes for strippers
  • 90 min. Table reservation
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Boobies Always Look Better When You're Drunk!

Most stag parties are usually made up of two things: women and alcohol. Enjoy a drink package and a strip show from a local stripper at a top bar in Stuttgart.

Head to a vibrant local bar in the city where Pissup will have a table reservation waiting with your names on it. Enjoy a litre of booze, either vodka, Jack Daniels, or gin, along with some mixers. Did someone inform you that there's an added guest? A saucy stripper will be joining your party for a while, where she'll be providing the groom to be with an erotic strip show. If the rest of the lads are lucky, she might let you get a photo with her after.

What To Expect

The trendy bar is located in Stuttgart's city centre. It's super easy to locate, so you shouldn't have any problems navigating the way on the day of the activity.

A table will be reserved with your stag's name on it. When you arrive, just give the name of the booking and you'll be shown to your private area.

Your group will receive a drinks package that includes a litre bottle of selected spirits and mixers. One litre of vodka with ten red bulls, one litre of Jack Daniels with ten cokes, or one litre of gin with ten tonics are the options. Whichever the bachelor likes, he gets.

Shortly after you've settled in, a sexually attractive woman will approach your table and inform you that she's the special guest, and she's there to give the groom his wedding gift. What could it be? Only a 15 minute strip show with the lady herself, of course. She'll let you take pictures with her while kissing her on the cheek, so you don't feel left out. Just put them in your keep safe so the women back home don't get their hands on them. 

For some additional fun, you can choose which costume the stripper gets to wear. No doubt it will be something the stag has a bit of a fantasy about.

The reservation is for 90 minutes in total. Once the time is up, it's time to leave, but it's not the end of the night. Join our pub crawl excursion where one of our experienced guides takes you under their wing for the night and brings you to some of the city's busiest bars, sample a number of shots, and finish up with free entry into a crazy nightclub that's open until the early hours of the morning. An unforgettable, chaotic night!

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