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Full English Breakfast in Stuttgart

Full English Breakfast in Stuttgart

What's Included

  • 2 Hour Table Reservation in Irish Pub
  • Sausages, Bacon, black & white Pudding, Eggs, Hash Brown, Baked Beans and Toast
  • 1 x Mug of Coffee
  • 1 x 0,5l Beer
  • Overview

Full English Breakfast in Stuttgart – enjoy a full breakfast at a traditional pub, which should help get your energy for the day ahead AKA round 2!

There’s nothing like a full breakfast the morning after a crazy stag night out on the town. Your head will be sore, your stomach is empty, and you (probably) need a hit of fried food, sugar, fat, and carbs – plus caffeine (and hair of the dog!)…so this classic breakfast is just the thing for you.

What You’ll Get

Two Hour Table Reservation in an Irish Pub in Munich. The breakfast will consist of: sausages, Bacon, black & white pudding, eggs, hash brown, baked beans and toast. For drinks, you’ll get 1 mug of coffee AND 1 x 0.5l Beer per person

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