Stag Olympics Stuttgart

Stag Olympics in Stuttgart

Stag Olympics in Stuttgart

What's Included

  • 90 min. indoor-outdoor competition
  • Instructor
  • Overview

Stag Olympics in Stuttgart - make sure you beat the stag in a variety of crazily-fun stag do olympic games!

This is a stag olympics, not the Olympic-Olympics - so you can expect some UNIQUE games. They will cover one of the following areas, including: Sports, Skills, Knowledge, and Tactics.


You will play games like "blind football"...yes, you can imagine how funny that will be watching the stag try to play footie with a blindfold! There are also games like "Electro Penalty Shootout" can imagine how shocking that is (excuse the pun). With games like "Footdarts" you will have to use your free-kick skills to aim and shoot at a giant dartboard. There will also be games that will test your brain power and tactics.

Stag Olympics - there are plenty of chances to beat the stag!!!

How it Works

Your group will compete for 90 min. in several games against each other. The stag olympic games are picked out of the fields "Sports", "Skills", "Knowledge" and "Tactics".

After 90 minutes the games will be over - there can only be one winner.

Please note: Some activities described above may or may not be available. Please ask for further details on the range of games for the Stag Olympics!

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