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Motor Paintball in Tallinn

Motor Paintball in Tallinn

What's Included

  • Safety equipment (uniform, mask, gloves)
  • Pumping semi-automatic paintball guns
  • Cars and 200 balls for a start
  • Transfer to and from the venue
  • English speaking guide and professional instructor
  • Overview

Moto paintball – Drive by your friends shooting them with paintballs. That’s real Gangsta.

This is a classic game of paintball tag with twist…there will be old cars to drive in too. Paintball is the perfect opportunity to bruise the stag – but the old cars will turn up the excitement a couple of notches. This is your chance to relive some of those high speed movie chases (except you’ll probably be going suuuuuppper slow!).

How it Works

Guide will meet your group, take you via transport to the paintballing venue. There you’ll be given safety instructions, plus all paintballing equipment. Then you’ll get shown how to use the old cars…and then the games will commence! Then after you’re done – it’s back to the hotel via transfers.

Note: The paintball guns are semi-automatic. You will get 200 balls included in the price.

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