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Shooting Package Hollywood in Tallinn

Shooting Package Hollywood in Tallinn

What's Included

  • Instructor
  • AK-47, Desert Eagle, Two Glocks at the same time, and much more!
  • 150 bullets included
  • Overview

Raise your weapons! Time to unleash your inner Dirty Harry and get ready to fire some of the most infamous guns in the world!

Our Hollywood Shooting guns in Tallinn package is a must if you’re on a stag weekend in the Estonian capital. Come and try for yourself what it’s really like to fire off big beasts such as the AK-47 (hint: it’s a helluva laugh but it kicks like crazy!).

How it Works

Your guide will meet you at your hotel. You’ll get taken via private transport to the shooting range. There the instructor will show you how to use the guns safely, before you start shooting!

The guns/bullets:

  • Ruger 22/45 pistol with a silencer – 10 bullets
  • Revolver .38 Special – 5 bullets
  • Glock carbine – 15 bullets
  • M4 tactical carbine with a holographic sight – 10 bullets
  • Revolver .44 Magnum – 5 bullets
  • Two Glock 17 pistols with laser sights and extra-long magazines – 60 bullets
  • AK-47 (Kalashnikov) – 30 bullets
  • Desert Eagle .50 pistol – 2 bullets
  • 454 Casull Magnum revolver – 1 bullet
  • Tactical (short) pump-action shotgun – 5 bullets

After you’re done shooting, you’ll get taken back to your hotel via private transport.

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